• BAMBUTEC.ORG Germany. Truss structures for stalls, carports, small bridges, using bamboos and special joints specially designed for the fitting of rods. In German, English, French, and Spanish.
  • CIMENTO E AREIA (CEMENT AND SAND) Brazil. Electronic magazine which proposes to spread and make popular at most the architectural culture and the technical knowledge about construction. Articles, construction techniques, curiosities and tips. In Portuguese.
  • PORTAL DO ARQUITETO (ARCHITECT'S PORTAL) Brazil. Focuses architects, builders, designers and related professionals. News, events, videos, universitary channel, professional channel, catalogue and links. In Portuguese.
  • E-CIVIL Brazil. Civil Engineering portal. Booklets, technical articles, CAD, technical books, forum and dictionary of engineering, which also contains several architectural terms. In Portuguese.
  • METÁLICA Brazil. Met@lica. Portal about metallic structures. Technology and works, project details, materials, software, tables, journal, manufacturers of metallic structures, architectural metalworkers, steel industries, builders, engineering offices, architectural offices. In Portuguese.
  • STRUCTURAE Germany. It is an International Database and Gallery of Structures. It contains specialized information relating to structural engineering and comprehends bridges, skyscrapers, towers, domes, shells, tensile structures and other roofs of long spans, dams and many other types of buildings. Technical information about the engineers and architects, images, bibliographical references and useful web links. A section called "Structure of the Month". Very well made and designed, with large contents. Authoring by Nicolas Janberg ICS. In English, French and German.
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