• 19TH CENTURY ADRIAN ARCHITECTURE United States. Research about architecture in the city of Adrian, Michigan. Sections: Styles in Adrian (Greek and Gothic revivals, octagon house, among others), small illustrated glossary, chronology. Links to pages with similar themes. Nice work, award winning website. In English.
  • ABBAYE DU MONT-SAINT-MICHEL, L' (ABBEY OF SAINT MICHAEL MOUNTAIN, THE) France. History of construction of the church and the abbey, in romanesque style. Chronology, links and sources. There is a small glossary of architectural terms related to the building. In French and Italian.
  • ACHILLE32 Italy. Restoration Portal. Theory and solutions to monumental and archaeological restoration. Theoretical foundation, restoration concepts, restoration charts, schools, materials and etc. It has a glossary of thecnical terms and a lexicon of macroscopic alterations of stone. In Italian.
  • ALMENDRON Spain. Portal about history and art. The subsection "architecture" is divided into the subjects:: "The keys of architecture", "The Islam (7th - 8th)", "The Mayas ", "The Romanesque" e "The ceiling of Teruel Cathedral". It has a wide glossary made by Miguel Moliné Escalona. In Spanish.
  • ARCA.NET Italy. Art and history in Florence and Tuscany. Museums, monuments, villas, itineraries and time tables. It has a glossary of art and architecture. It's part of tourism site "Your way to Florence". Texts, images and glossary terms are properties of Casa Editritce Bonechi and APT - Azienda di Promozione Turistica. In English.
  • ARCHISEEK Ireland. Illustrated articles, discussion, newsletters, competitions and jobs. News and links. There is a glossary of architectural terms. Project of Paul Clerkin. Em inglês.
  • ARCHITECTIONARY United States. Resource for architects, architecture students and the general public. Hundreds of entries in the areas of architecture, construction and construction industry. Many entries are illustrated and new definitions are constantly being added. Architecture block library. Software Sketchup tutorials. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURAL GLOSSARY United States. Wikipedia. Most of terms has illustrations, with photos and drawings. There is a link to a List of Architecture Topics, yet more comprehensive. There are three more links from Wikipedia relatives to the subject: List of Classical Architecture Terms, Classical Order and Decorative Molding . In English.
  • ARCHITECTURE.ABOUT United States. Among many other subjects, each one with a specific guide, ABOUT.COM has Jackie Craven to organize the pages about architecture and write interesting articles. She is a widely published writer who specializes in architecture, home design, and cultural travel. There is an architecture glossary with illustrations. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURE PROJECT GLOSSARY, THE United States. Project by University of Arizona. This illustrated glossary is divided into sections by historical period: Glossary of General Terms, Greek Architecture & Society, Roman Architecture & Glossary. It is not extensive for awhile, but all entries have a good description and nice illustrations, with photos or drawings. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURE RELIGIEUSE EN OCCIDENT (RELIGIOUS ARCHITECTURE IN OCCIDENT) France. This site has as its goal to present some of the most beautiful masterpieces of western religious architecture and give some historic and artistic marks. Buildings, marks, illustrated glossary, pages in Spanish, bibliography and links. There are Glossaries of Architecture in French and Spanish, with description of terms and fine illustrations. There is a French-Spanish Glossary and a French-English Glossary, without description of terms. In French and Spanish (some pages).
  • ARCHITEKTOOL Germany. Construction and technique, services, money and right, firm directory, literature, articles and news. German-English dictionary about building techniques, with description of terms. Glossary of building techniques. In German.
  • ARCHITETTO IN RETE (ARCHITECT IN THE NET) Italy. Official site of the architect Fabrizio Profico. On line services in consulting, interior design and projects. Well made technical Glossary, by his wife Barbara, with more than 1,000 terms, incomplete for a while, from A to P. There is an exclusive search engine for the glossary. To access the glossary, click on Entra/Enter, click on the tab Utilità and then on Glossario, at the menu. In Italian.
  • ARCHITETTURAWEB Italy. Portal with varied contents: virtual community, news, articles, tutorials, norms and links. There is a dictionary, although not completed, which is nevertheless accessible. In italian.
  • ARQUITETANDO Brazil. Page of the architect Irajá Gouvêa, professor of the Universidade de Marília (University of Marília) (SP) and FACCAT of Tupã. It has the sections: Architecture, Town Planning and Landscape Architecture and History. In Architecture, highlights for, among others, the dictionaries of architecture, decoration and gardening. In Town Planning, highlights for Athens Charter, Machu Picchu Charter and Heritage Listing Law. In History: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Rural Architecture, Anthroposophic Architecture, and several other subjects. In Portuguese.
  • ARMAZÉM DE DADOS.RIO (DATA WAREHOUSE.RIO) Brazil. Portal managed by Instituto Pereira Passos - IPP (Pereira Passos Institute), entity linked to the Secretaria Municipal de Urbanismo - SMU (Town Planning Secretary) of the city Rio de Janeiro. The site offers download of aerial view pictures and architectural sites of many parts of the city. Several Glossaries, among them: Dwelling, Cartography, Territory and Environment, and Infrastructure and Land Use. Chart library with a collection of photographs and digital charts. In Portuguese.
  • ARQUITECTURA GALEGA Spain. The Galician architecture site on the web. Articles, history, images data bank, links and dictionary with entries in Galician, Castillian and Catalan. In Galician.
  • ART & ARCHITECTURE THESAURUS ONLINE United States. The AAT is a structured vocabulary containing around 125,000 terms and other information about concepts. Terms in AAT may be used to describe art, architecture, decorative arts, material culture, and archival materials. The coverage of the AAT ranges from Antiquity to the present, and the scope is global. Made by The Getty Research Institute. In English.
  • ARTGLOSS Portugal. Glossary of art terms. Several terms also related to architecture. Some entries have illustration. It has its own search engine. In Portuguese.
  • ARTEGUIAS Spain. First portal dedicated to ROMANESQUE ART AND MEDIEVAL ROUTES IN SPAIN. Information about monuments, routes, news and other articles related to romanesque and other similar styles (in the areas of architecture, scuplture and painting, etc.). There is a small illustrated dictionary. In Spanish.

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