• DICTIONNAIRE RAISONNÉ DE L'ARCHITECTURE FRANÇAISE DU XIe AU XVIe SIÈCLE France. Wikipedia Project. Dictionary of French Architecture from the 11th to 16th Century, by Viollet-le-Duc, of 1856. Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879), French architect mainly known for his restorations of medieval buildings. He was also a historian and theorist of architecture. Descriptions of terms are generally extensive and illustrations are very beautiful. In French. There are a few terms in English.
  • EARTHLORE EXPLORATIONS United Kingdom. Discovering the contemporary relevance of cultural history. Among other subjects, it covers the Gothic period in the history of mankind. It focuses mainly architecture. A historic overview of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral and Other Cathedrals. At the introduction to Gothic page there is a general index for the Glossaries, totalling seven: 'Must Know' Terms of a Gothic cathedral, Structural Components of Gothic churches and cathedrals, Unique Features within Gothic cathedrals and Churches, Structural Designs of a Gothic cathedral, Decorations and Motif within a Gothic cathedral, Expression and Technique of craft within Gothic cathedrals, and Art Periods and Styles related to Gothic architecture. Bibliography and newsletter. In English. Some pages also in Portuguese.
  • E-CIVIL Brazil. Civil Engineering portal. Booklets, technical articles, CAD, technical books, forum and Dictionary of Civil Engineering, which also contains several architectural terms. In Portuguese.
  • ÉGLISES DU HAUT AGENAIS (HIGH AGENAIS CHURCHES) France. Architectural heritage of this region in France. There is an illustrated glossary of church architecture. In France.
  • ESSAYS ON ROMAN ARCHITECTURE United States. Sections: Temple Architecture, Roman Forum, Imperial Fora and Roman Urbs. There is a glossary which is accessed from the page Temple Architecture, with terms of classical architecture. In English.
  • FONDATION DE L'OEUVRE NOTRE-DAME (NOTRE DAME'S WORK FOUNDATION) France. History and documentation about the Our Lady cathedral of Strasburg. Heritage, restoration, know-how, scientific approach, library, iconography and plan sources. Multilingual Glossaries about Gothic Architecture and Tools used on construction and restoration of the cathecral. In French, German and English.
  • GARDCO LIGHTING AND EMCO LIGHTING United States. Lighting glossary. Two enterprises which develop products for architecture and landscaping designed to reduce light pollution and to provide overall site economy. In English.
  • GARDEN WEB GLOSSARY United States. The Garden Web Glossary of Botanical Terms currently contains 4,400 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture, and is regularly updated. It has a search engine for the terms. You can browse the glossary, but there are many pages. Another resource is The Hortiplex Database, which contains plant images and data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites. It also has a search engine for the names of plants. In English.
  • GLOSARIO DE TÉRMINOS ARQUITECTÓNICOS Mexico. Glossary of Architectural Terms. Recompiled information from the book "Glosario de Términos Arquitectónicos - Catálogo de Monumentos" publicado pela Secretaria de Patrimonio Nacional in July, 1971, by the architects: Juan Benito Artigas, Manuel González Galván, Rafael Esponda Gaxiola and Armando Leroux. It has some illustrations. Page produced by the enterprise A & B Arquitectos. In Spanish.
  • GLOSSAIRE DE L'ARCHITECTURE (GLOSSARY OF ARCHITECTURE) France. Wikipédia - L'Encyclopedie Libre. Several illustrations, with photos and drawings. Many entries have links to the word and description in other languages, through a side menu, but they are not the same for each entry. In French.
  • GLOSSÁRIO DE ARQUITETURA - PUC RIO Brazil. This glossary is a result of a work by students at the course Formação de Tradutores da PUC-Rio (Translators Graduation of PUC - Pontifical Catholic Univerty of Rio de Janeiro). Terms here included were extracted, mostly, from chapter referring to Spanish art nouveau in A History of Western Architecture, by David Watkin (London: King, 1998) and further complemented with terms found in texts used for researching. This glossary became available aiming to offer translators an auxiliary tool, without proposing to totally explore all conceptual fields exhibited - which would be a proposal of terminological work, scientifically stating. In Portuguese and English.
  • GRAND TRADITION United States. Specialized in classical and neoclassical architecture. Articles, discussion board, CAD files, gallery of images, glossary, books and links. In English.
  • GUIDE DADA ARCHITETTURA Italy. Dada guide about architecture. Articles, news, history, and town planning. Its guide is the architect Maria Gioconda Tepedino. There is a dictionary, with most of terms about classical architecture. In Italian.
  • HERITAGE: NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR/PATRIMOINE: TERRE-NEUVE ET LABRADOR Canada. New Foundland and Labrador Heritage. Registered heritage structures, partnered projects, articles and a glossary of architectural terms in English. The site is maintained by Memorial University of Newfoundland and C.R.B. Foundation. In English and French.
  • HOHEN DOM ZU KÖLN (COLOGNE CATHEDRAL) Germany. Information, history, virtual tour and gallery. There is a glossary related to the church, in German and English, with various terms of architecture. In German and English.
  • HOPKINS COMPANY, THE United States. Office of architects which designs mainly homes with historic styles. There is an illustrated glossary of architectural terms. In English.
  • HOUSE PLAN SHOP, THE United States. Portal dedicated to house plans. Several styles and options. It has a glossary of terms for home building. Em inglês.
  • ILLUSTRATED ARCHITECTURE DICTIONARY United States. A very good research, with nice photos by Chuck LaChiusa. The dictionary is part of the site Buffalo Architecture and History, which also has a beautiful Illustrated Furniture Glossary. All examples are from buildings in Buffalo, NY. In English.
  • IMAGES OF MEDIEVAL ART AND ARCHITECTURE United States. Page by Alice Stones. She has been Professor of History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh since 1984. It includes a Glossary of terms with beautiful illustrations. In English.
  • IRAJÁ ARCHITECTURE Brazil. Page of the architect Irajá Gouvêa, professor of the Universidade de Marília (University of Marília) (SP) and of the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Sao Paulo State University) (UNESP) Campus of the city Presidente Prudente (SP). It has three sections: "Architecture", "Town Planning" and "Architecture & Town Planning". In Architecture, there are several informations about the matters he teaches at schools, great architects, Dictionary of Architecture, Dictionary of Decoration and Dictionary of Gardening. In Town Planning, highlights for Athens Charter, Machu Picchu Charter and Heritage Listing Law. In Architecture & Town Planning: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Rural Architecture, Anthroposophic Architecture, and several other subjects. In Portuguese.

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