• KEN COLLINS' WEB SITE United States. Church architecture glossary. Architecture and finishings. A few illustrations. In English.
  • LANDSCAPE GARDENING AND ARCHITECTURE GLOSSARY United Kingdom. A glossary of terms about landscape compiled by John Tatter, Professor of English at Birmingham-Southern College. In English.
  • LEXIQUE "LA MAISON" (LEXICON "THE HOUSE") France. ADECEC (Association pour le Développement des Etudes Archéologiques, Historiques, Linguistiques et Naturalistes du Centre-Est de la Corse). Dictionary of architecture French - Corsican - English. There is no description of terms. Author: Ghjiseppu Leoni. Translation to English: Anghjula Carbuccia. In French, Corsican and English.
  • LISBOA RENOVADA (RENEWED LISBON) Portugal. Registry of buildings once abandoned and however recovered to the life of Lisbon. Texts about conservation of buildings renewal, town planning and history of Lisbon. It has an Italian-Portuguese Restoration Glossary, translated from the Italian original by Civil Eng. António de Borja Araújo. Complement to the site Abandoned Lisbon. In Portuguese.
  • LITHONIA GLOSSARY OF LIGHTING TERMINOLOGY United States. Specialized enterprise on lighting. Entry can be searched directly or through a search engine. In English.
  • LOOKING AT BUILDINGS United Kingdom. Created by the Pevsner Architecture Guides, for educational purposes. It has three main sections: Understanding Buildings, Tools & Study Aids and Exploring Buildings. In the section Tools there is a comprehensive glossary with illustrations. In English.
  • MARTIN THUMM PROF - ARCHITEKTUR-GLOSSAR (GLOSSARY OF ARCHITECTURE) Germany. Author: Prof. Martin Thumm. More than 1.500 entries. It includes famous architects. In German.
  • MOMENTARY VIGNETTE, A  United States. "...brief, beautiful glimpse of something from the world of architecture, design, and art". Very finely designed site. High quality illustrations. Several internal links: architects, buildings, painting and sculpture, furniture and objects. An ilustrated dictionary of terms and definitions of architecture. Sending of post cards with very beautiful illustrations by Giovanni Giaconi. In English.
  • MOYEN-ÂGE, LE - GLOSSAIRE DE L'ARCHITECTURE MÉDIÉVALE (IDADE MÉDIA, A) France. Made by Fabrice Mrugala. Glossary of medieval architecture: romanesque, gothic, religious, lay and/or military. Great part of entries has illustrations. In French.
  • MONUM - CENTRE DES MONUMENTS NATIONAUX (CENTER OF NATIONAL MONUMENTS) France. French national monuments. Very nice. Areas dedicated to professionals of: tourism, cinema and audiovisual, education, heritage, mecenate and the press. It has Glossary for the items present in monuments. At the entry, it's quoted in which monuments the item appears. To access the glossary, click over the monument and then on the monument name. Click on any subject in the next page. In French and English.
  • OBRA FÁCIL (EASY CONSTRUCTION) Brazil. Glossary of civil construction, belonging to a private portal about construction and building materials. In Portuguese.
  • ONTARIO ARCHITECTURE Canada. A nonprofit educational website developed to help you appreciate architecture both in Ontario and the rest of the world. The website is in two parts: building styles and building terms. The glossary gathers entries, which are all illustrated with photos. In English.
  • OSRAM GLOSSÁRIO (OSRAM GLOSSARY) Brazil. Enterprise specializing in lamps and lighting systems. Glossary of terms used in lighting and lighting technique. In Portuguese.
  • PAROLE United States. Initially designed to be a Dynamic Dictionary of the contemporary city, today it is a vast and heterogeneous website. Currently about 900 words, related to the transformation of the urban landscape, are organised in a hypermedia database, along with more than 1000 links to and from the Internet. Images, texts, quotations, comments, fragments of text, links to external websites, videos, sounds and webcams. In English.
  • PLANNING APPLICATIONS United Kingdom. Steps and informations for making a planning in the United Kingdom. Subject portals: urban, rural, housing, environment, transport, sustainable development. Planning topics: flood risk assessment, listed buildings and conservations areas, advertisement control, among others. Rights and regulations. Directory links. Glossary of planning terms. In English.
  • PLANNING PORTAL United Kingdom. The UK government's online planning and building regulations resource. Great section dedicated to links. It has a glossary of planning terms. This glossary is a summary of around 500 phrases relating to land use and spatial planning matters. It covers a variety of issues ranging from new development and regeneration, to conservation and environmental protection. In English.
  • SCHORSCH Germany. Architectural Lighting Design Software. Georg Mischler is an architect, lighting and daylighting consultant, and a freelancing software developer in the field of physically accurate lighting simulation and visualization and includes There is a Lighting Design Glossary, which combines terms that are used in architectural lighting design and lighting simulation, originating in architecture, radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, metereology, physiology, psychology, mathematics, geometry and computer graphics. In English.
  • SIRCHAL France. International site about Revitalization of Historic Centers in Latin America and Caribe. Seminar, expertise ateliers, documents and a topical four language glossary about the subject (French, Spanish, Portuguese and English). In French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • STRAßE DER ROMANIK (ROAD OF ROMANESQUE) Germany. Road with 60 stops with more than 70 interesting architectural monuments, in romanesque style, in the region Saxony-Anhalt. There is a glossary of architecture. In German.
  • TECHNO-SCIENCE France. Ample illustrated glossary with nice photos, which deals with the subjects: Architect, Architecture, Military architecture, Religious architecture, Construction, Architectural element, Civil engineering, Skyscraper, Building material and Town Planning. In French.
  • TIMBER BUILDING IN AUSTRALIA Australia. Portal with rich contents. Projects, technical, environment, education, articles and links. There is a topical glossary of technical terms. In English.
  • TUDOR HISTORY United Kingdom. History of edifices relating to the Tudor period. There is an architecture topical glossary. In English.
  • URBAN CONSERVATION GLOSSARY, THE United Kingdom. Based at the University of Dundee's School of Town and Regional Planning, it's "an attempt to impart some of the range, complexity, and enormous interest and satisfaction that can be found in conservation work, going beyond a simple catalogue of terms". Many entries are illustrated, and cross-referenced to other entries using hyperlinks. In English.
  • VIGNOLA Guatemala. Practical study about the Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture, writen in the year 1562 by the italian architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, and illustrated in the XIX Century by the architect J. A. Léveil, with 72 plates. An added Interactive Dictionary of architectural terms, through hypertext. Very nice work by architect Luís M. López Martí. In Spanish.
  • VORTARO DE ARKITEKTURO (DICTIONARY OF ARCHITECTURE) Germany. It's part of REVO, Reta Vortaro (Web Dictionary). Click on the tab "Fakoj" and then on the link "Arkitekturo". The description of terms are in Esperanto. Terms have translation to other idioms, but languages are not always the same for each entry: Belarussian, Breton, Catalan, German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Slovakian, Czech, Swedish, Turkish and Volapuk. In Esperanto.
  • WEBREF ARCHITECTURE United States. Little glossary of architecture. In English.

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