• 19TH CENTURY ADRIAN ARCHITECTURE United States. Research about architecture in the city of Adrian, Michigan. Sections: Styles in Adrian (Greek and Gothic revivals, octagon house, among others), small illustrated glossary, chronology. Links to pages with similar themes. Nice work, award winning website. In English.
  • ABBAYE DU MONT-SAINT-MICHEL, L' (ABBEY OF SAINT MICHAEL MOUNTAIN, THE) France. History of construction of the church and the abbey, in romanesque style. Chronology, links and sources. There is a small glossary of architectural terms related to the building. In French and English.
  • ALMENDRON Spain. Portal about history and art. The subsection "architecture" is divided into the subjects: "The keys of architecture", "The Islam (7th - 8th)", "The Mayas", "The Romanesque" e "The ceiling of Teruel Cathedral". It has a wide glossary made by Miguel Moliné Escalona. In Spanish.
  • ANCIENT CITY OF ATHENS, THE Estados Unidos.THE ANCIENT CITY OF ATHENS is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical art & archaeology, civilization, languages, and history at Indiana University as a supplement to their class lectures and reading assignments and as a source of images for use in term papers, projects, and presentations. In English.
  • ANTIQUE COLLECTION Germany. Antikensammlung. Philosophy Faculty of the Friedrich Alexander University - Erlangen Nurenberg (Philosophische Fakultäten I + II der Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürberg). Vast collection of pictures, among them, of the Temple of Apollo, friezes with centauromachy and amazonomachy, and of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, with amazonomachy (from the British Museum - London). In German and English.
  • ARCA.NET Italy. Art and history in Florence and Tuscany. Museums, monuments, villas, itineraries and time tables. It has a glossary of art and architecture. It's part of tourism site "Your way to Florence". Texts, images and glossary terms are properties of Casa Editrice Bonechi and APT - Azienda di Promozione Turistica. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURE RELIGIEUSE EN OCCIDENT (RELIGIOUS ARCHITECTURE IN OCCIDENT) France. This site has as its goal to present some of the most beautiful masterpieces of western religious architecture and give some historic and artistic marks. Buildings, marks, illustrated glossary, pages in Spanish, bibliography and links. There are glossaries of architecture in French and Spanish, with description of terms and fine illustrations. There is a French-Spanish glossary and a French-English glossary, without description of terms. In French and Spanish (some pages).
  • ARQUITETURA BRUTALISTA (BRUTALIST ARCHITECTURE) Brazil. This site aims to contribute to the acknowledgment of Brutalist Architecture as a significant period of Modern Architecture at the end of the 20th century, aggregating studies and publishing research on the subject. In Portuguese and English.
  • ART DECO ARCHITECTURE United States. History, examples, architects, societies and links. Campaigns related to the subject. In English.
  • ART DÉCO SERTANEJO (COUNTRY ART DECO) Brazil. Art Deco in the Northeast of Brazil, mainly in the hinterland. "Art Deco with no steel, no bronze and no skyscrapers. But with the geometrical inspiration, the spirit of playing with straight and curved lines, it's the same Art Déco in the rest of the world, with a flavor of primitivism." In Portuguese and English.
  • ART DECO SOCIETY OF CALIFORNIA, THE United States. News, calendar of events, historic preservation, links and other items. Every year the Art Deco Society of California bestows Preservation Awards on the people who have helped preserve the buildings, art, and culture from the Art Deco era. In English.
  • ART DECO SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, THE United States. One of best sites about art deco. Several sections: classified, contacts, events, forum, membership, perspectives, preservation, search, shopping, sites and almost 700 links (nearly 80 about architecture). In English.
  • ARTE NOVA (ART NOUVEAU) Portugal. Text about the Art Nouveau style. Origins, furniture and jewellery. In Portuguese.
  • BRICKS AND BRASS United Kingdom. This site provides comprehensive information on the architecture, design, and history of houses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Sections cover architectural styles (Classical, Gothic, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau etc.), external and internal features (walls, roof, windows, rooms, etc), and period house maintenance and remodelling. Products and services across the UK, books, events, places to visit, links, and a searchable illustrated glossary. Search can be done by name or definition. Terms on Victorian and Edwardian houses prevail. In English.
  • CARTAGE.ORG Lebanon. Focus on history. Generalities, architectural structure, ancient and Middle Age architectural styles and periods, Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque architectures, architects. In English and French (partial).
  • DECOPIX United States. "The Art Deco Resource". Architecture, art, world congress, house plans, color schemes, pictures, visitors' contributions, history, shop and links. In English.
  • DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF ARCHITECTURE, A and DIGITAL ARCHIVE OF AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE, A United States. Boston College. Prof. Jeffrey Howe's private slide collection for educational use. Several images of European and American architectures along history. Previous permission to be requested before usage of images. In Englises.
  • EARTHLORE EXPLORATIONS (EXPLORAÇÕES DE TRADIÇÕES DA TERRA) United Kingdom. Discovering the contemporary relevance of cultural history. Among other subjects, it covers the Gothic period in the history of mankind. It focuses mainly architecture. A historic overview of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral and other cathedrals. At the introduction to Gothic page there is a glossaries general index, which is subdivided into: 'Must know' terms of a Gothic cathedral, Structural components of Gothic churches and cathedrals, Unique Features within Gothic cathedrals and Churches, Structural designs of a Gothic cathedral, Decoration and motif within a Gothic cathedral, Expression and technique of craft within Gothic cathedrals, Art periods and styles related to Gothic architecture. Bibliography and newsletter. In English. Some pages also in Portuguese.
  • ESSAYS ON ROMAN ARCHITECTURE United States. Sections: Temple Architecture, Roman Forum, Imperial Fora and Roman Urbs. There is a glossary which is accessed from the page Temple Architecture, with terms of classical architecture. In English.
  • FORTES DE GOA (FORTS OF GOA) India. Military architecture in Goa, the old capital of the Portuguese India. History and nice photos. In Portuguese.
  • GLASS, STEEL AND STONE (VIDRO, AÇO E PEDRA) United States. Pictures, informations and comments about several buildings of the world. Texts are not detailed, but give a general idea. Some places have independent pages: Chicago, China, Houston, London, New York, Prague, Tokyo and Vienna. In English.
  • GREAT BUILDINGS COLLECTION, THE United States. More than 800 great buildings from around the world and across history. Images, drawings, bibliography and architect info. In English.
  • HISTÓRIA DAS RUAS DE SÃO PAULO (HISTORY OF SAO PAULO STREETS) Brazil. Legislation, names database, history of street name plates, research, gallery of images with old photos and highlight for the John Wasth Rodrigues' watercolors of the old Sao Paulo. DPH - Department of Historic Heritage, Municipal Secretary of Culture and Sao Paulo City Hall, and partnership with Plamarc Group. In Portuguese.
  • IMAGES OF MEDIEVAL ART AND ARCHITECTURE United States. Page by Alice Stones. She has been Professor of History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh since 1984. It includes a glossary of terms with beautiful illustrations. In English.
  • IMAGO MUNDI Brazil. Imago Mundi - Cultura Arquitetônica. História da arte, história da arquitetura, notícias, artigos e canais. Nos artigos, é possível interação do visitante com os autores Pedro Palazzo e Pedro Veloso. Em português.
  • INSTITUTE OF CLASSICAL ARCHITECTURE & CLASSICAL AMERICA, THE (INSTITUTO DE ARQUITETURA CLÁSSICA E AMÉRICA CLÁSSICA) United States. Excellent portal about Classics. It is the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts. Travel programs, publications, academic programs, public events, articles, PDF files, bookstore and links. In English.
  • INSTITUTE OF DESIGN + CULTURE, THE Italy. Portal of the iDC Rome. "At the IDC, we believe that the past informs and shapes the future.  And we see Rome as a place in which  past and present interact to create a vibrant and fascinating city." Courses and programs that help you get to know Rome -  past to present, from the ambition of Julius Caesar to the art of Michelangelo or from the glitter of Bernini to the glamour of Prada. In English.
  • MUSEUM OF RECONSTRUCTIONS United States. Project for developing architectural computerized reconstructions. In English.
  • ONTARIO ARCHITECTURE Canada. A nonprofit educational website developed to help you appreciate architecture both in Ontario and the rest of the world. The website is in two parts: building styles and building terms. The glossary gathers entries, which are all illustrated with photos. In English.
  • PERSEUS DIGITAL LIBRARY, THE United States. Tufts University. Research on history, art and architecture. In English.
  • RETROPOLIS.NET United States. Art Deco: Furniture, Antiques, Jewelry and Interior Designers. Articles and links. In English.
  • SKYSCRAPER PAGE Canada. Specialized in skyscrapers. Evolution of the skyscraper since 1890. The world's 10 tallest buildings. Diagrams, cities, gallery and beautiful illustrations. In English.
  • THAIS Italy. 4,000 years of architecture. Egyptian, Greek, Gothic, Islamic, Romanesque, Byzantine and Roman architectures. Periods, localities and subjects indexes. In Italian and English.
  • TRADITIONAL BUILDING (EDIFÍCIO TRADICIONAL) United States. Portal of the editors of Traditional Building, the bimonthly magazine for design and building professionals involved with public architecture: Commercial, Institutional, Government and Religious buildings The resources in the magazine are used for restoring and renovating old buildings, as well as for designing and constructing new buildings in traditional styles. The content of this website has bee extracted from material the editors have gathered for recent issues of the magazine. Artigo muito interessante sobre molduras, do arquiteto Donald M. Rattner. Em inglês.
  • VATICAN MUSEUMS Vaticano. Very beautiful. History, visualization and on line tours through six places: Gregorian Egyptian Museum, Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Sistine Chapel, Raphael's Rooms, Pinacoteca and Ethnological Missionary Museum. Ceiling and wall paintings, bronzes, art pieces, reconstructions, sculptures, paintings and objects. High quality images and easy navigation. In German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • VIGNOLA Guatemala. Practical study about the Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture, writen in the year 1562 by the italian architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, and illustrated in the XIX Century by the architect J. A. Léveil, with 72 plates. An added interactive dictionary of architectural terms, through hypertext. Very nice work by architect Luís M. López Martí. In Spanish.







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