• ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION United States. For more than thirty years, Architectural Heritage Foundation has participated in preservation development projects, conducted feasibility studies, and worked in building preservation, building management and stewardship. A range of AHF services include: Redevelopment and Adaptive Reuse Projects, Project Evaluation and Feasibility, Preservation Consultation, Building Management and Stewardship. In English.
  • ANTÔNIO PRADO Brazil. City with italian colonization in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (southern Brazil). Several buildings listed by the IBPC (Cultural Heritage Brazilian Institute). Pictures, data files and history. In Portuguese.
  • BRITAIN EXPRESS United Kingdom. United Kingdom travel and heritage guide. History, heritage, city travel guides. English history and heritage guide. Articles about gothic architecture, medieval art and architecture, the medieval church, abbeys and monasteries in England and Wales, abbeys and priories in Scotland, and abbeys in Wales. There is a medieval church architecture glossary. In English.
  • CASA DA ARQUITECTURA (HOUSE OF ARCHITECTURE) Portugal. Nowadays it's a nonprofit cultural society which comprehends not only architects but people of many areas who decide to encourage and support a project they believe in. Its purpose is to establish a Foundation within a short time. Under its responsability it's the management of CDAS-Centro de Documentação Álvaro Siza (Alvaro Siza Center of Documentation) and acquisition of assets of several architects, the future collection of the Foundation. In Portuguese.
  • CIDADES HISTÓRICAS BRASILEIRAS (BRAZILIAN HISTORIC CITIES) Brazil. News and newsletter. Uptaded monthly. Cities with preserved architectural collections, whether listed or not. Farms, parks, rural and wood landscapes. History, monuments, art, culture and crafts. Maps, routes, lodging and food. In Portuguese.
  • CENTRO DE ESTUDOS AVANÇADOS DA CONSERVAÇÃO INTEGRADA - CECI (CENTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES ON INTEGRATED CONSERVATION - CECI) Brazil. Nonprofit social organization which aims to develop awareness, knowledge and practice of integrated conservation of cultural and environmental heritage in cities, from the perspective of sustainable development. Its activities are directed to the Brazilian and international technical and academic community. Courses, research, publications, training, news and links. In Portuguese and English.
  • CENTRO INTERNACIONAL PARA LA CONSERVACIÓN DEL PATRIMONIO (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR HERITAGE CONSERVATION) Spain. Non-government institution whose primary purpose is the international cooperation about physical assets of the peoples. Over 500 experts from around the world make up this international association, based in the Canary Islands as a meeting point of European and American continents. In Spanish.
  • CINEMA TREASURES United Kingdom. Site devoted to movie theatre preservation and awareness. It's truly interactive, users can add new items and cinema details, or comments about those already listed. Very attractively designed. It covers the whole world, listing more than 14,800 buildings. In English.
  • CONDEPHAAT Brazil. Council for Defense of the Sao Paulo State Historic, Artistic, Archaeological and Touristic Heritage. State organ responsible for identification, classification, restoration and preservation of movable and imovable properties existing in Sao Paulo State territory. Portal of the State Secretary's Office of Culture. In Portuguese.
  • CURITIBA ARQUITETURA (CURITIBA ARCHITECTURE) Brazil. Page of the site Artes Curitiba (Arts Curitiba). Nice pictures of a Brazilian city with strong European colonization, mainly polish and ucranian. Place, history and images of preserved buildings. In Portuguese.
  • DEPARTAMENTO DO PATRIMÔNIO HISTÓRICO (DEPARTMENT OF HISTORIC HERITAGE) Brazil. Sao Paulo City Hall. Institution responsible for prescribing and implementing policies of preservation and valorization of documental sets, tridimensional collections, and built, as well as environmental, heritage with historic and cultural meaning. In Portuguese.
  • DICAMILLO COMPANION, THE United States. Database of British and Irish Country Houses. A country house is a centuries-old institution virtually unique to Britain and Ireland, which at some point in its history was the country seat of a landed family that had or has an estate (agricultural land) that served as the center for local community life and may have included farmland, villages, or other supporting acreage. Very detailed and illustrated. In English.
  • DIREITO CULTURAL (CULTURAL LAW) Brazil. Juridical and legal features about heritage. Divided into nine sections: Historic Heritage, Copyright, Sponsorship, Audiovisual, Public Policies, Legislation, Social Inclusion, Law Projects, and Law and Publicity. Articles, news and links. In Portuguese.
  • DISTRITO DE BRAGANÇA (DISTRICT OF BRAGANÇA) Portugal. Architectural and archaeological heritage. Several historic cities in the the region. Churches, castles, town halls (Domus Municipalis), among other buildings. Nice illustrations. In Portuguese.
  • DOCOMOMO BRAZIL Brasil. Brazilian chapter was created in 1992, following the principles stablished by The DOCOMOMO International. There are several chapters in Brazil: BA, BSB, MG, PR, PE, RJ, RS e SP. In Portuguese.
  • DOCOMOMO INTERNACIONAL Spain. DOcumentation and COnservation of the MOdern MOvement. Organization created aiming to preserve what is related to the modern movement in architecture, co-operating with official and voluntary organizations for the furtherance of the aims set out in the Eindhoven Statement which was issued at the conclusion of the founding conference. Links to chapters worldwide. In English and French.
  • ÉGLISES DU HAUT AGENAIS (CHURCHES OF THE HIGH AGENAIS) France. Architectural heritage of this region in France. There is an illustrated glossary of church architecture. In France.
  • ENGLISH HERITAGE England. News, campaigns, places to visit, events, archaeology. Listed buildings, links and book orders. Texts, publications and nice pictures. Meaty content. In English.
  • FONDATION DE L'OEUVRE NOTRE-DAME (NOTRE DAME'S WORK FOUNDATION ) France. History and documentation about the Our Lady cathedral of Strasburg. Heritage, restoration, know-how, scientific approach, library, iconography and plan sources. Multilingual glossaries about gothic architecture and tools used on construction and restoration of the cathecral. In French, German and English.
  • HEREIN - EUROPEAN HERITAGE NETWORK Europe. It is is a permanent information system gathering governmental services in charge of heritage protection within the Council of Europe. The European heritage Network focus is on cultural heritage, particularly on architectural and on archaeological heritage. National heritage policies, selected links, news, thesaurus and forum. In English, French and Spanish.
  • HERITAGE CONSERVATION AND RELATED SITES, LINKS TO United Kingdom. Metasite. Only links to heritage, restoration, conservation and related sites. Heritage in general. For architecture, highlight on links about "Preservation, conservation and restoration of buildings and monuments", "Architectural and related areas" and "Building Materials". Linked to the Robert Gordon University - RGU). In English.
  • HERITAGE: NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR/PATRIMOINE: TERRE-NEUVE ET LABRADOR Canada. New Foundland and Labrador Heritage. Registered heritage structures, partnered projects, articles and a glossary of architectural terms in English. The site is maintained by Memorial University of Newfoundland and C.R.B. Foundation. In English and French.
  • HOHEN DOM ZU KÖLN (COLOGNE CATHEDRAL) Germany. Information, history, virtual tour and gallery. There is a glossary related to the church, in German and English, with various terms of architecture. In German, English and Spanish.
  • ICCROM Italy. International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. Organization established in Rome, in 1959; it comprises over 100 Member States. It's motto is "Training, Information, Research, Co-operation and Advocacy". Courses on conservation and restoration of cultural property; technical newsletter; publications; addresses of other organizations. In English and French.
  • ICOMOS France. International Council on Monuments and Sites. International non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. Heritage charters. In French and English.
  • IEPHA/MG Brazil. Minas Gerais State Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage. Created in 1971, it has functions of registering, preserving and protecting the Minas Gerais State cultural heritage. Services, protected properties, inventory, projects, news, courses and library. In Portuguese.
  • INEPAC Brazil. Cultural Heritage State Institute. It is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the State of Rio de Janeiro, making studies, supervising and inspecting works of preservation, giving technical advice, researching, cataloging and making listing and registration. Legislation, inventory, guide to listed items, projects, research and documentation, news and links. In Portuguese .
  • IPAC Brazil. Institute of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Bahia. Institute with a mission to act in an integrated way and in conjunction with the society, in safeguarding the tangible and intangible assets and the promotion of cultural activities for the strengthening of cultural identities in the state of Bahia. In Portuguese.
  • IPHAE/RS Brazil. Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage of the State Rio Grande do Sul. Created in 1990, it is responsible for several registered properties, including environmental and movable properties of Public Library. News, legislation, registered properties and texts. In Portuguese.
  • IGESPAR Portugal. Instituto de Gestão do Património Arquitectónico e Arqueológico (Institute of Management of the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage). Institute with the purpose of conserving, preserving, protecting and valorizing the Portuguese architectural and archaeological heritage. Texts and pictures of listed properties and GIS data research. In Portuguese and English (not fully version).
  • IPHAN Brazil. National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute. Legislation, cultural property, listing and books. In Portuguese.
  • JUIZ DE FORA Brazil. Cultural heritage of Juiz de Fora, city in Minas Gerais state. It has been listed 149 cultural properties, 5 documents collections relative to City Council, Municipal Forum and Maninho Farias Notary Public's Office, and 2 immaterial properties (the noon whistle and the Daki Band). Monuments nice pictures and their history. In Portuguese.
  • LISBOA RENOVADA (RENEWED LISBON) Portugal. Registry of buildings once abandoned and however recovered to the life of Lisbon. Texts about conservation of buildings renewal, town planning and history of Lisbon. It has an Italian-Portuguese restoration glossary, translated from the Italian original by Civil Eng. António de Borja Araújo. Complement to the site Abandoned Lisbon. In Portuguese.
  • LOOKING AT BUILDINGS United Kingdom. Created by the Pevsner Architecture Guides, for educational purposes. It has three main sections: Understanding Buildings, Tools & Study Aids and Exploring Buildings. In the section Tools there is a comprehensive glossary with illustrations. In English.
  • MACAU HERITAGE China. Macao Special Administrative Region. News, heritage, legislation, photos and video clips. The historic center of Macao is UNESCO world heritage since 2005/07/15. In Chinese, Portuguese and English.
  • MONUM - CENTRE DES MONUMENTS NATIONAUX (CENTER OF NATIONAL MONUMENTS) France. French national monuments. Very nice. Areas dedicated to professionals of: tourism, cinema and audiovisual, education, heritage, mecenate and the press. It has glossary for the items present in monuments. At the entry, it's quoted in which monuments the item appears. In French and English.
  • MONUMENTA Brazil. Monumenta is a strategic program of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Its concept is innovative and seeks to unite historic heritage recovery and preservation with social and economic development. It operates in protected historic cities by IPHAN (The Institute for Historic and Artistic Heritage). Its proposal is acting in an integrated way with each of these places, promoting restoration and recovery works on listed goods and buildings in the areas of the project. Besides that, it promotes activities for qualifying labor in restoration, instructing local culture and tourism agents, economic procedures and educational programs. In Portuguese.
  • MONUMENTENWEB Netherlands. Site has its version in English (HERITAGEWEB) and German (DENKMALWEB). Essays about archeology, history and heritage. News, links, agenda, business and institutions, and a search engine. In Dutch, German and English.
  • MONUMENTOS (MONUMENTS) Portugal. Site of the Direcção-Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais (DGEMN) (Directorate General for National Buildings and Monuments). Inventário do Património Arquitectónico (IPA) (Architectural Heritage Inventory). The information system comprehends properties, urban dwellings, cultural sites and landscapes, totalling 20,073 registers, 8,414 of them are available in Internet. In Portuguese, English and French.
  • MOSTEIRO DOS JERÓNIMOS Portugal. The Jerónimos Monastery, the Tower of Belém and the Chapel of St. Jerome can be lively and stimulating places. In order for this to happen, they need not only to be recognised as belonging to all humanity, but also to become part of the day-to-day lives of those who live and work around them. Virtual gallery, history, guided tours, conservation and restoration, documentation center, information. In Portuguese and English.
  • OVPM - OWHC - OCPM Canada. Organisation des Villes du Patrimoine Mondial (Organization of World Heritage Cities). World heritage, the cities, world financing, youth program. All cities listed by UNESCO and their data: year of inscription, history, localization, geography and links. In French, English and Spanish.
  • PORTAL DO PATRIMÔNIO CULTURAL (CULTURAL HERITAGE PORTAL) Brazil. It was created to bring together the many scattered initiatives of cultural coods inventory produced in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, making them available to researchers in the culture of that state. It acts as an instrument of awareness and information exchange, from the dissemination of their cultural diversity and encouraging valorization of collections, the promotion of educational processes, the scientific production on our socio-cultural formation and safeguard actions. Data base of inventoried goods and search engine. In Portuguese.
  • PATRIMÔNIO CULTURAL DO ESTADO DO PARANÁ (CULTURAL HERITAGE OF PARANA STATE) Brazil. The Management of Cultural Heritage of Parana State has charge of subjects related to preservation of the archaeological, historic, artistic and natural heritage of Parana. Its actions concern the measures necessary to listing, restoration, conservation and disclosure of these cultural properties. Practice areas: archiving and documentation, architecture, history and natural heritage - archaeology. In Portuguese.
  • PATRIMONIO NACIONAL (NATIONAL HERITAGE) Spain. Virtual visits, royal palaces, monasteries and convents, news and informations. Nice pictures. In Spanish and English.
  • PATRIMÔNIOS DA HUMANIDADE NO BRASIL (WORLD HERITAGE IN BRAZIL) Brazil. Universia (Universities Network), with Professor Percival Tirapeli's support, of Unesp (Sao Paulo State Univesity). Texts were extracted from the work "Conhecendo os Patrimônios da Humanidade no Brasil" ("Knowing World Heritage in Brazil"), by Tirapeli. Photo gallery, data and institutions. In Portuguese.
  • PEVSNER ARCHITECTURE GUIDES, THE AND BUILDINGS BOOKS TRUST, THE United Kingdom. The Pevsner Architectural Guides were begun in 1951 by the architectural historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner (1902 - 1983) with the aim of providing an up-to-date portable guide to the most significant buildings in every part of England, suitable for both general reader and specialist. The Website launched in 1998 is regularly updated. The Buildings Books Trust is a charity which raises funds for research and promotes the study and conservation of buildings. In English.
  • PIRATININGA Brazil. History and architecture. Landscape in Sao Paulo. Articles about the biggest Brazilian city. Buildings and notable places of Sao Paulo. Data and nice photos of the architectural heritage. Page kept by Edmundo Otavio Rubies and Jorge Eduardo Rubies. In Portuguese and English (partial).
  • PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE SÃO PAULO - PATRIMÔNIO HISTÓRICO (SAO PAULO TOWN HALL - HISTORIC HERITAGE) Brazil. Heritage belonging to the one of the biggest cities of the world. Historical archive, iconography and films, preservation, publications, services, links, museums and news. In Portuguese.
  • PRESERVALE Brazil. Institute of Preservation and Development of Paraiba Valley. Entity for the preservation and sustainable development of cultural, historic and environmental heritages of the Paraiba Valley region (Sao Paulo state), cradle of economy and culture of Coffee Age. Cultural tourism in a Rural Space. Farms, illustrations, articles and events. In Portuguese.
  • REDE DE CONHECIMENTO DA JUSTIÇA (KNOWLEDGE NETWORK OF JUSTICE) Portugal. Ministry of Justice. Office of public historic records, cultural heritage, museological centers, pieces and documentaries, academical works and publications. Beautiful images related to the Portuguese Judicial Power, which comprehend architecture, ceramic panels, sgrafittos, statuary sculpture, frescos, mosaics, oil paintings, reliefs, tapestry and stained glass windows. In Portuguese.
  • SIRCHAL France. International site about Revitalization of Historic Centers in Latin America and Caribe. Seminar, expertise ateliers, documents and a topical four language glossary about the subject (French, Spanish, Portuguese and English). In French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • STRAßE DER ROMANIK (ROAD OF ROMANESQUE) Germany. Road with 60 stops with more than 70 interesting architectural monuments, in romanesque style, in the region Saxony-Anhalt. There is a glossary of architecture. In German.
  • URBO Canada. Gérer notre patrimoine. Managing our world heritage. Portal linked to OWHC (Organization of World Heritage Cities). Funds for heritage, training, articles, publications, essential links, case studies and discussion forums. In French, English and Spanish.
  • US HERITAGE GROUP United States. Enterprise which offers products and services for mortar and brick restoration. In English.
  • WORLD HERITAGE (PATRIMÔNIO MUNDIAL) United States. The World Heritage List. All properties listed by UNESCO. News, newsletter, exhibitions, magazine and publications. Sites in danger, conservation methods, sustainable tourism, virtual tours and several other subjects. In English and French. Some pages also in Spanish.
  • WORLD MONUMENTS FUND Estados Unidos. The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the foremost private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered architectural and cultural sites around the world. Since 1965, WMF has worked tirelessly to stem the loss of historic structures at more than 450 sites in over 80 countries. Its headquarters are in New York City and it has offices and affiliates in Paris, London, Madrid, and Lisbon. Every two years, WMF issues its World Monuments Watch list of 100 Most Endangered Sites. Very well made portal with very rich contents. In English.



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