• ANTITHESI Italy. Journal of Architectural Critics. "We write to propose the development of some ideas. We publish it in a way that is possible to discuss it openly with readers." Many articles, opinions, readers' comments and right to reply. In Italian.
  • ARC DESIGN Brazil. Brazilian magazine of Design, Architecture and Interior Design. On line version of paper edition. Current and past issues. Articles, links and events agenda. In Portuguese and English.
  • ARCHIMAGAZINE Italy. Magazine of architecture, art and design. Portal dedicated to the culture of design with vast and update contents. News and events, courses and agreements, biographies, competitions, bookshop, products, art gallery. Many interesting articles. In Italian.
  • ARCH'IT Italy. Digital architecture magazine. Articles, pictures, exhibits. In Italian.
  • ARCHINFO.IT Italy. Architecture designing, articles, specializations, energetic efficency, events, news and forum. It has the electronic version of the following magazines: Arketipo, Area, Costruire in Laterizio, d'Architettura, Frames and Materia. In Italian.
  • ARCHITECT'S JOURNAL, THE United Kingdom. The home of British architecture. Many articles and a varied content. News, buildings (articles and library), competitions, critics, books and jobs. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURAL RECORD United States. A publication of McGraw-Hill Companies. News, features, projects, products, practice matter, opinions and resources. Meaty and varied contents. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW, THE United Kingdom. Articles, book reviews, list of international exhibitions, competitions, directory: hundreds of names, numbers and web links to architects, organisations, Browser entries, galleries and photographers. In English.
  • ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE United States. News, business, calendar, design & trends and classifieds. On line version. In English.
  • ARCHITECTUREWEEK United States. Magazine of design and building. Architecture links and free newsletter. In English.
  • ARCHITETTARE.IT Italy. Digital magazine of architecture and design. News, articles, contests, events, links and advertisings. Biographies of architects and designers, projects and books. In Italian.
  • ARCOWEB Brazil. Portal of the magazine PROJETO DESIGN. Events, courses, updated news. Architecture links. In Portuguese.
  • ARKINETIA Spain. Electronic architecture magazine. High quality illustrated articles, interviews, news and links. Books and magazines reviews. In Spanish and English.
  • ARKKITEHTI - FINSK ARKITEKTURTISKRIFT Finland. Finnish Architectural Review. Articles. links, internal search engine. In Finnish and English.
  • ARQ|A REVISTA DE ARQUITECTURA E ARTE (ART AND ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE) Portugal. Magazine which goes across the domains of town planning, architecture, design and art, aiming to research the link between creative activity and the contemporary intellectual and productive conditions. Interviews, critiques, news and links. In Portuguese.
  • ARQUINE Mexico. International architecture magazine. Electronic version which has summaries of contents in the paper version. News, events, books and links. In Spanish and English.
  • ARQUITECTURA VIVA Spain. It offers general information on architecture, covering new ideas and currents in different sections: newsbits, cover story, built works and projects, art and culture, books and opinion. It is published in Spanish, with English summaries of the main articles. AV Monographs dedicates each issue to a theme involving a city, a country, a tendency or an architect, featuring essays by prominent scholars and commentaries on built works and projects illustrated in detail. It is published in a bilingual edition, Spanish and English.
  • AU Brazil. Virtual edition of magazine AU, by Editora Pini, which owns the portal Piniweb. Contains some articles of the hardcopy editon. Presents and analyses architectural works and projects, and opens room for a discussion on architectural critics. In Portuguese.
  • BUILDING DESIGN United Kingdom. Magazine with a wide variety of subjects. Articles, people, student space, video, blogs and links. In English.
  • CAFE DE LAS CIUDADES (CAFE OF CITIES, THE) Argentina. Digital magazine. A new issue every first monday of each month. Knowledge, reflections and looks toward the city. In Spanish.
  • CROQUIS (EL) Spain. El Croquis (The Sketch) is one of the highest profile and prestigious architectural publications in the world, presents the most important designs and works of architecture in detailed bimonthly monographs that analyse the work of the most outstanding architects on the international scene. In Spanish and English.
  • DETAIL Germany. Virtual edition of Detail magazine. Past issues since 1997. Emphasis on materials, techniques and details. In German, English, Italian and Spanish.
  • DOMUS Italy. News, videos, database (past issues, among other features), community, archive, shop (interesting Architettura di Carta - Cardboard Architecture kits, for one to assemble 3D building models). In Italian and English.
  • E-CONSERVATION ON LINE Portugal. Free online magazine, published monthly for all the professionals involved in the conservatio-restoration of cultural heritage. Cobre several subjects, such as conservation and restoration treatment of works of art, conservation science and theory, preventive conservation, cultural management, documentation and ethics. Current and past issues, courses and links. In English.
  • ELANEWS - EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE NEWS (NOTÍCIAS SOBRE PAISAGISMO EUROPEU) France. News, events, articles, culture and heritage. Forum, newsletter and links. In French and English.
  • FÓRUM PATRIMÔNIO Brazil. Heritage Forum Magazine - Built Environment and Sustainable Heritage. Its aim is to in-depth discussion issues related to sustainable development through the publication of original scientific and technical contributions, particularly addressing the environment and the cultural and natural heritage. It has past issues and internal search engine. In Portuguese .
  • JORNAL ARQUITECTOS (ARCHITECTS JOURNAL) Portugal. A specialised journal of the Portuguese Architects Association (OA), and is available online and in print version. It comprehends architecture, buildings, the city, the environment and land management. The journal can be browsed on the screen. Current edition and some past editions. Besides that there are several sections: highlight, profiles, points of view, graphic chronicle, statement, projects, interview, among others. In Portuguese and English.
  • JORNAL DA PAISAGEM Brazil. Landscape Journal. News and events about landscape. Links, publications and articles on landscape, gardening and botanics. In Portuguese.
  • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE United States. On line version of Magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architecture - ASLA. Articles on planning, urban design and ecology. Links to previous issues. In English.
  • METÁLICA JORNAL Brazil. Met@lica. Journal of the portal metálica. News, events and classified advertisements. In Portuguese.
  • NEXUS NETWORK JOURNAL United States. A peer-reviewed research resource for studies in architecture and mathematics. It is published twice yearly on the Internet and in print by Kim Williams Books. Didactics, book and article reviews, virtual library and readers' queries. In English.
  • SACRED ARCHITECTURE JOURNAL United States. Journal issued by The Institute of Sacred Architecture, a non-profit organization made up of architects, clergy, educators and others interested in the discussion of issues related to contemporary Catholic architecture. In English.
  • TRAMA Ecuador. Architecture magazine. Publications of the most recent books of architecture and design in Ecuador. Directory of the main ecuatorian architects, real estate directory, enterprises directory and links of interest to the architect and designer. Contests, news, events and search engine. Free subscription. In Spanish.
  • WORLD ARCHITECTURE NEWS - WAN United States. The world's leading supplier of news to the global architectural community. Updated in real time by architectural practices from around the world, WAN provides a unique framework for online information exchange. Architects are allowed to publish their projects and describe them in their own words. Developers can use WAN as a research tool to locate architects with specific experience and skills. It covers several subjects such as architects, education, general architecture, interior design, landscape, structure, sustainability, urban design and a bookstore, among others. In English.
  • WORLD HERITAGE REVIEW Spain. Outstanding colour photographs, articles and news on the World Heritage. A bi-monthly magazine published by UNESCO and San Marcos. In English and French.




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