• ACHILLE32 Italy. Restoration Portal. Theory and solutions to monumental and archaeological restoration. Theoretical foundation, restoration conceipts, restoration charts, schools, materials and etc. It has a glossary of thecnical terms and a lexicon of macroscopic alterations of stone. In Italian.
  • ARCHITECTURALS United States. Specialized enterprise in restoration, antiques, and artisans' and craftsmen's services. It's goal is restoration and services on objects and parts of a house. Antique market, fine arts and crafts, restoration supplies. In English.
  • ATELIER DE ARTE E RESTAURAÇÃO VIRGÍNIA CARRIERO (ATELIER OF ART AND RESTORATION VIRGINIA CARRIERO) Brazil. Preservation and restoration of easel paintings (canvas) and wooden and gypsum images. Polychrome wooden and gypsum images. Restoration of old furniture (patina) and artistic elements in churches. Virginia Carriero is a preserver and restorer of movable and integrated cultural properties. In Portuguese.
  • BONNEL France. French enterprise specialized in limestone and marble. Restoration works. There is another page, especific for stone cutting. In French.
  • BUILDING CONSERVATION (CONSERVAÇÃO DE EDIFÍCIOS) United Kingdom. Site specialized in conservation of historic buildings. Suppliers of products, services and information for the preservation, conservation and restoration of historic buildings, churches and garden landscape. Articles, books, courses, directory and events. In English.
  • CURSO DE CONSERVAÇÃO E RESTAURAÇÃO (COURSE OF CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION) Brazil. Course Program of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Properties by Fundação de Arte de Ouro Preto (FAOP) (Ouro Preto Art Foundation). Contents scheduled to train able professionals in the analysis, diagnosis and intervention in matters such as conservation and restoration of easel painting, polichromatic sculpture and paper. Roll the mouse pointer over the tab "Escola de Arte Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade"; the in the next menu, pointer on "Núcleo de Conservação e Restauração", click on "Curso Técnico de Restauração de Bens Culturais". In Portuguese.
  • FÁBRICA DE ORNATOS N. Sa. DA PENHA (ORNAMENTS FACTORY N. Sa. DA PENHA) Brazil. Through a craftman's process, the Ornaments Factory produces hydraulic tiles for indoor and outdoor floors, artistic panels, old moulds for restorations, and develops exclusive custom-made models.The Ornaments Factory has hundreds of designs, from the traditional and historical models, which recall the past, to the most modern patterns for contemporary rooms. In Portuguese.
  • LONDON MOSAIC RESTORATION United Kingdom. Enterprise which offers services in the restoration of period and contemporary mosaics. It has a gallery with pictures of executed works.Links to specialized services on concerned matter and technical information. In English.
  • MONUMENTA Portugal. Conservation and restoration enterprise on architectural heritage. It describes some restoration techniques. In Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Presentation text also in Italian.
  • PRATA ATELIER DE ARTE E TÉCNICAS (PRATA ART AND TECHNIQUES ATELIER) Brazil. Sérgio Prata is a plastic and sacred artist, specialist in fresco and painting techniques. Restorer of canvas and wall paintings. Among other restorations in architecture, he has made the restoration project of the Old Basilica in Aparecida (Brazilian town in Sao Paulo State), listed as historic heritage. Techniques with several materials, anatomy, courses, restorations, books and CD-ROM. In Portuguese. Short versions in English and French.
  • PRORESTAURO Portugal. Portal about conservation and restoration. Technical articles, documentation, graduation, forum, enterprises, organizations and heritage. In Portuguese.
  • TINE.IT Italy. Sergio Tinč. Architectural, Urban and Monumental Restoration. Bibliography and norms. In Italian.
  • TORRA ARTESANIA - MOSAICO HIDRAULICO Spain. Enterprise which makes hydraulic tiles in a craftman's way, using the same traditional techniques, tools and materials. History, techniques, models and done works. In Castillian, Catalan, English and French.
  • W. MENEZES Brazil. W. Menezes Arquitetura e Restauro SCL. Office which specialty is to offer services in design and advising in architecture, restoration, town planning and historic & architectural researchs, based in Sao Paulo city. In Portuguese.










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