• ACADEMIA DE ENGENHARIA E ARQUITETURA (ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECURE) Brazil. Professional updating and development. Tens of courses separated by subject all over several cities in Brazil. Quality articles and newsletter. In Portuguese.
  • ARCHITECTURE BOOKS Slovakia. Books about the most varied fields of architecture: architects, buildings, criticism, drawing and modelling, history, historic preservation, planning etc. In English.
  • ARMENIAN HIGHLAND United States. Within the book "Encyclopedia", there is a chapter dedicated to architecture. Among many themes written by Gevork Nazaryan: "Sacred Architecture' and "The City of 1001 Churches". Many illustrations. In English.
  • ARQBRASIL Brazil. Brazilian Architecture on the Web. Exhibition of Brazilian contemporary architecture. Architects and their works. Several areas: architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape architecture, lighting technique, art and design. Media space for showing works. In Portuguese.
  • ARTEGUIAS Spain. First portal dedicated to ROMANESQUE ART AND MEDIEVAL ROUTES IN SPAIN. Information about monuments, routes, news and other articles related to romanesque and other similar styles (in the areas of architecture, scuplture and painting, etc.). There is a small illustrated dictionary. In Spanish.
  • AZULEJO EM PORTUGAL, O (WALL TILE IN PORTUGAL) Portugal. History and books about portuguese wall tiles. In the menu "Para saber mais" ("Knowing more"), there is a page dedicated to itineraries, links, bibliography and a topical glossary. Nice work by the authors Maria Isabel Alves Planas Almasqué and António José de Barros Veloso. In Portuguese.
  • BUILDINGS OF DISASTER United States. Constantin Boym's online catalogue of his 'Buildings of Disaster' and 'Missing Monuments' series; miniature replicas that assume new and different meanings. The end of a century has always been a special moment in human history. Designers at Boym Design Studio in New York City have conceived the catalogue "Souvenirs for the End of the Century" as a way of marking this historical event. In English.
  • BRICKWORK IN ITALY Canada. Excerpts from the book Brickwork in Italy (Alvenaria na Itália), edit by the American Face Brick Association (Associação Americana do Tijolo Aparente), with preface by Comm. Gustavo Giovannoni. Part I: Brick in Roman Antiquity (Prof. Carlo Roccatelli), brick in construction, walls, arches, vaults, brick in decoration. Part II: Brick in Middle Ages (Prof. Eng. Enrico Verdozzi). Compiled by Giorgio Zanetti. In English.
  • BUFFALO ARCHITECTURE AND HISTORY United States. Very nice research in the city of Buffalo, New York. Sections: architects, illustrated architecture dictionary, architecture styles, landmarks, illustrated furniture glossary, furniture styles and designers, and architecture around the globe. All examples are from buildings in Buffalo, NY (except those around the globe). Nice photos by Chuck LaChiusa. Em inglês.
  • CASA DE LÚCIO COSTA (LUCIO COSTA'S HOUSE) Brazil. Society which had his origin in caretaking of the profusion of papers that remained at the apartment where the Brazilian town planner Lucio Costa lived since 1940. Collection, activities and news. In Portuguese, English and French..
  • CASTLES OF BRITAIN.COM United Kingdom. Dedicated to the study and promotion of British castles. "Britain is strewn with ruins of castles, rubble from the centuries of her existence. Castles are tangible relics of a remarkable past, a lengthy heritage etched in stone, as well as with the blood and sweat of those who built, labored, fought, and died in their shadow." Photo gallery, preservation, course, shop and links. It has a topical glossary about castles. In English.
  • CASTLES OF WALES United Kingdom. It covers a wide range of topics related to Welsh castles and Welsh medieval history, and many of the essays are written by today's leading experts in their respective fields of study. Information on over 400 different Welsh castles, accompanied by high quality photographs, as well as profiles of the men responsible for their construction and an explanation of the turbulent times in which they lived. There is a glossary of castle terms and most of them are illustrated. In English.
  • CASTLES ON THE WEB United Kingdom. Reino Unido. Offers an extensive database of links to all things Castle related! Medieval studies, weapons and supplies, books, links, organizations, miths and legends, question and answer discussion board, and a big photo archive. It has a topical glossary related to castle terms. In English.
  • CENTRO TÉCNICO DE ARTES CÊNICAS - CTAC (TECHNICAL CENTER OF THEATRICAL ARTS) Brazil. Research on theaters, technical advise, theaters in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro, photos and history of the main theaters in Brazil. Linked to Ministry of Culture of Brazilian Government. In Portuguese. Pages about Theaters in Brazil, which deal with architectural styles and glossary are in Portuguese and English.
  • COMUNIDADE AUTOCAD BRASIL (AUTOCAD BRAZIL COMMUNITY) Brazil. Orkut community about the software AutoCad. Related communities. Question and answer topics. Events. In Portuguese.
  • DJ'S CITYSCAPES United States. Skyscrapers souvenirs, in metal replicas, of the International and Post-Modernism eras. Buildings, gallery, shop, hall of fame and links. In English.
  • DRAWINGS OF LEONARDO DA VINCI United States. Several da Vinci's drawings, among them the Vitruvian Man. Very nice and richly illustrated. Links to sites related to the subject. In English. There is a version in German.
  • FENG SHUI ARCHITECTURE United States. The ancient Chinese art of achieving harmony through careful placement of objects, applied to architecture and home design. In English and Italian.
  • FONDATION LE CORBUSIER France. Le Corbusier Foundation. Architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret's (Le Corbusier) biography, projects, realizations and works. In French and English.
  • FUNDAÇÃO OSCAR NIEMEYER (OSCAR NIEMEYER FOUNDATION) Brazil. Patrimony of studies, sketches, pictures and scale models of the famous Brazilian architect. The patrimony was complemented with documents come from his office in Paris, where Niemeyer developed projects to Europe, Africa and the East. In Portuguese.
  • GIACONI PUBLICATIONS Italy. Architecture drawings. Giovanni Giaconi's portraits of Veneto buildings (especially their facades) begin as methodical technical surveys which are then transformed into pencil sketches and preliminary drawings before the final watercolors are done. Photos, links and shop on line. In Italian and English.
  • GRAND TRADITION United States. Specialized in classical and neoclassical architecture. Articles, discussion board, CAD files, gallery of images, glossary, books and links. In English.
  • INFOCUS TECH REPLICA BUILDINGS United States. Building replicas. Very beautiful miniatures for sale. Several categories: Eastern U.S., Mid U.S., Western U.S., non U.S., art deco, among others. Links and many pictures. In English.
  • INSTITUTO LINA BO E P. M. BARDI (LINA BO AND P. M. BARDI INSTITUTE) Brazil. Founded to foster and expose the Brazilian art and culture inside the country and abroad. Through cultural diversity, the institute offers to the public access to relevant and unknown aspects of the Brazilian artistic and cultural thought and production. Activities, news, gallery and links. The museum headquarters is the Glass House, designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi. In Portuguese and English.

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