• LAWS OF ARCHITECTURE, THE United States. The laws of architecture from a physicist's perspective (Nikos A. Salingaros). In English.
  • There is a translation to Spanish. There is a translation to Portuguese, by Lívia Salomão Piccinini, in DOC format.
  • LAMBREQUIM.NET (GABLEBOARD) Brazil. Research about gableboards, by Prof. Maria Sidônea Utida Santos, from Curitiba, Brazil. History, pictures, models in bond paper, curiosities and links. In Portuguese.
  • MASP - MUSEU DE ARTE SÃO PAULO ASSIS CHATEAUBRIAND (SAO PAULO ART MUSEUM) Brazil. Collection, artists, exhibits, events/shows. Greatest Brazilian museum. The museum building, designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi, has the world's biggest free area span. In Portuguese.
  • MINISTRUCTURES STANISH United States. Stephen Stanish's private collection of miniature souvenir buildings. Nice site about architectural souvenirs. Catalog, links, pictures and their descriptions. In English.
  • NELSON KON FOTOGRAFIAS (NELSON KON PHOTOGRAPHIES) Brazil. Images of Brazilian architecture. Nelson Kon, photographer with a studio in Sao Paulo city, is graduated in Architecture and Town Planning, at University of Sao Paulo. Specialist in photos of architecture and cities. His collection comprises modern and contemporary Brazilian architecture. The site exhibits part of his production and is regularly updated. In Portuguese and English.
  • R. KNOTT United Kingdom. Aplications of the Golden Section in art, architecture and music. In English.
  • SACRED GEOMETRY United States. Study of geometrical shapes, which can be applied to architecture. Page made by Bruce Rawles. In English.
  • SCHORSCH Germany. Architectural Lighting Design Software. Georg Mischler is an architect, lighting and daylighting consultant, and a freelancing software developer in the field of physically accurate lighting simulation and visualization and includes There is a lighting design glossary, which combines terms that are used in architectural lighting design and lighting simulation, originating in architecture, radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, metereology, physiology, psychology, mathematics, geometry and computer graphics. In English.
  • SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, THE United States. Wikipedia. Illustrations, place, history, description. In English. As Sete Maravilhas do Mundo Antigo, in Portuguese. Les Sept Merveilles du Monde, in French. Le Sette Meraviglie del Mondo, in Italian. Las Siete Maravillas del Mundo, in Spanish. Die Sieben Weltwunder, in German. La Sep Mirindaĵoj de la Antikva Mondo, in Esperanto.
  • SHARPENKING United States. Die cast and zinc pencil sharpeners. Shop with many pieces for sale. There are several pieces related to architecture. There is a link to the European shop, with menu options in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch. In English.
  • SKYSCRAPER PAGE Canada. Practically everything about skyscrapers. Latest drawings, ten tallest buildings, posters, beautiful illustrations. Diagrams, forum and cities. In English.
  • SOUVENIR BUILDING COLLECTORS SOCIETY United States. The SBCS was formed in 1994 by a small group of avid collectors meeting in California. "Simply put, a souvenir building is a three-dimensional, miniature version of an actual building, monument, statue, bridge, etc. Actually, it is a distillation of architecture into metal, plastic, resin or whatever. Souvenir buildings trigger a memory of a building or a structure, a time, a place, or perhaps a person. Maybe all of those things". News and articles. Links to same sort pages. In English.
  • TIMBER BUILDING IN AUSTRALIA Australia. Portal with rich contents. Projects, technical, environment, education, articles and links. There is a topical glossary of technical terms. In English.
  • TOWER OF PISA Italy. Official site of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. History, photos and events. In Italian and English.
  • TUDOR HISTORY United Kingdom. History of edifices relating to the Tudor period. There is an architecture topical glossary. In English.
  • TRAINSHEDS Poland. "The Shed & The Cathedral". Illustrated railway architecture. It focus the evolution of trainshed design (defined here as "any building structure that contains tracks and platforms - or alighting area - and is covered by a roof - not a ceiling". Maps, location of trainsheds, illustrations (photos, drawings and diagrams), links and a gallery, with useful accompanying text. In Polish and English.
  • WICKED TALL BUILDINGS United States. Private collection of metal replica skyscrapers. Each piece contains information, nice sketch, photos of the replica and the actual building. Replicas are not for sale. Good documentation work. It has links to same sort sites. In English.
  • ZORWAN PERSIAN BLOG Iran. Research Center of Art & Architecture. Portal focused mainly on projects and articles. In Persian (mostly) and English (partially).

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